Spring 2021 Style Guide

June 25, 2021
Spring 2021 Style Guide

Makeup: This spring we are still seeing lots of dewy skin and wispy lashes. There is less of a presence of lip color and thankfully softer contouring. Liner is soft and smudged and bronzer is taking a backseat to more blush.

Hair: The curls of 2019 have made a firm transition to easy beach waves. Braids are less prevalent and we are seeing more twists with delicate hair pieces woven in. Updos are still being requested low on the back of the head and less of a ‘piecey’ look. Bridal ponytails will definitely be having a moment this season!

Dresses: The year of 2020 and the rescheduling of so many weddings has brought out the EXTRA in bridal gowns and we are loving it! We are seeing lots of big skirts, lots of lace appliques and hand stitched details. Our brides often have 2-3 dresses and they are changing into ‘party dresses’ for their receptions! Bring it on!

Veils: Cathedral length veils are having a moment and we are even seeing royal length veils! The ultimate SWOON? A cathedral length CAPE! Yep, those exist and they are divine! Bring us a cape and a bridal pony!

Flowers: Back are the days of large and tall centerpieces. There is definitely a presence of vined greenery and loads of baby’s breath. You will see lots of flower arrangements hanging from the ceiling in tents, eucalyptus, and large blooms.

Photography: Photos have been bright and airy for quite some time. We love the look, but are happy to see some more moody, contrasted photos make their way forward. Light and bright will always be in style, but some diversity is always appreciated!

Music: DJs are having a major comeback! We think it is because we all miss dancing so much. Many couples are wanting to reminisce with the songs they love and DANCE. The DJs bring the life and create the environment we are all missing so much.

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