American Yacht Club - Rye, NY

Wedding Day

  • Fall 2019
  • American Yacht Club | Rye, NY
  • Services: Makeup, Hair
  • Artist(s): Jen K, Brett, Jenny vR, Corrine
  • Photography: Trisha Keeler Photography
“Jennifer, Jenny, and the crew that make up J.Kinford Beauty are exceptional. They listen, work with you through open communication and patience, and are really an organized force that is absolutely needed on your wedding day. They brought in chairs, lights, and ran things in such a professional manner on the day of my wedding- the bonus is that they are really fun and sweet! Best of all, they delivered what I wanted - natural and elevated classic beauty, while still looking like myself. Jennifer did my makeup, Jenny did my hair, and there was a crew for our Moms and bridesmaids. I truly enjoyed my makeup and hair trial, but wasn't sure what I wanted, and had trouble communicating a look since this was my first time around at the whole "getting married thing". They did exactly what I communicated in my first trial, and I left looking great, but wasn't sure that's what I wanted for the day of. I came in for a second trial, spoke more openly trying to learn ideas from them, and came out of it much closer to what I wanted. However, I wanted to add a few things/tweak a few things naturally for the day of. It's very nerve-wracking when you aren't used to having your hair and makeup done and have to choose how you want it for the biggest day of your life- Jennifer totally understood! Jennifer was extremely accommodating, and I sent back and forth ideas in photos before my wedding day. After some more communication regarding my hair ideas, I got the result I was looking for on the big day, and really felt like myself! Jenny did a beautifully intricate half up-half down look with a braid on one side, twist on the other, and a lower chignon (I have a lot of hair!!) Jennifer also nailed my makeup - it's like she knew what I kept trying to articulate but couldn't put into words. While getting ready, Jennifer was a complete calming force for me, and I honestly miss chatting with her now that this is all over! The best testament to their talent is how on a day with 25mph winds on the water, my hair and makeup were about the only things un-moving during photos! I got so many lovely compliments on how gorgeous their work was, and even though I danced the night away, my hair miraculously stayed put until the end! My girls and moms loved their results too, and Jennifer's team really listened to what everyone wanted. Anyone that chooses Jennifer and her team will receive the highest quality work, precision and organization, and feel they are in the best hands on their wedding day!
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