Hair Stylists

The artists of J.Kinford Beauty believe that hair should be touchable, comfortable and accentuate your dress, makeup, and bone structure. Hair is like a sculpture, whether it is worn down like old Hollywood waves or a high chignon, it takes extensive knowledge of hair texture, using correct products and a creative eye.

The Bridal Hair Experience

Step One

Makeup Trial

Approximately 4-10 weeks before the wedding, comes the makeup preview where I meet with you 1-1. During your preview, we will discuss your vision, skin, and any questions you may have. I will then work with you to create your customized look. If you are between a couple looks or unsure on your lip color, do not worry! We will work together to get your vision right. I take photos of each look I create and write down all details for duplication on the wedding day.

Step Two


In the weeks leading up to the wedding day, I will work with you or your planner to create a detailed schedule that provides a smooth wedding day experience. It will show what time I arrive, what time each person is in my makeup chair, what time I complete, important information like phone numbers and allergies or special requests. I will then send this to you so you can give it to your group and they all know where they are expected to be.

The Big Day

Wedding Day

I will come to you on the wedding day! I bring everything I need: makeup chairs, lighting, extension cords, tables, etc. I want this day to be as seamless as possible, so I am prepared for the unexpected. After I complete makeup for each client, I will do one last look at each client to be sure everything is just as I created it to be. I then clean up my station and leave the space just as I found it.

After the initial makeup services, you will have a trained artist that will see you through the photographer’s lens to adjust anything necessary like fluffing your veil, getting flyways out of your lip gloss and doing touch ups after you have cried at the ceremony. I will also be, essentially, your personal assistant, at your beck and call. I will be doing things like, carrying your veil, finding the ring bearer, hemming groom’s pants, getting you a protein bar or carrying your water. 

I have pulled ticks off of a bride’s gown, applied deodorant to the bride as she was rushing down to the aisle, gotten stains out of flower girls dresses right before photos and more. When I am there with you for those hours after makeup services are completed, it takes the pressure off of your loved ones so they can be present and enjoy your special day as well. A wedding day is special and memorable for everyone in the couple’s lives, not just the couple!

Wedding Pricing Guide

Download the 2024 Wedding Pricing Guide.